Frequently asked questions

Currated list of the most commonly asked questions by Stellup users and customers

Signing Up and Logging In

Why should I sign up or log in?

You receive an enhanced experience when you sign up or log in. Stellup customizes everything you see based on where you went to school and who you went to school with. You’ll be part of your institution’s club (if available) and will be able to access an online directory, to search for other members and chat.

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Can Stellup users also create campaigns?

Currently not, unless their institution has the option for their Alumni to suggest campaigns. Unless your institution works with us, there is no option for creating campaigns. If you are a fundraising or alumni development officer, please get in touch. Also if you run a big alumni organization that plans to fundraise, let us know.

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What can logged-in Stellup users do?

They can browse institutions and their campaigns, and request access to clubs. If they are part of institutions that are on Stellup, they can search for other alumni, see their profiles, chat and comment on the institutions’ newsfeed.

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Contributing to a Campaign

How much of my contribution goes to the school?

Stellup cares a lot about making sure that schools receive the greatest part of your contribution. So Stellup only takes a small fee to start covering some of our costs and we pay our payment provider Stripe a fee (generally at 2.9% + 30c per transaction), the rest all goes to your school or university crowdfunding campaign.

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Will my name and donation amount be visible on the campaign page?

No, you can also donate anonymously, but will have to provide your name, surname and email to the institution and Stellup

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When will my credit card be charged?

Immediately, and you will receive an email notification right after contributing

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What if I want my contribution to be anonymous?

You can just tap on “hide my name” at checkout and your contribution will take place in a totally anonymous way.

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Creating a Campaign

Who can create a campaign?

Only educational institutions that directly work with us and have an admin account. We generally work directly with the development and alumni officers of schools and universities.

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What can I create a campaign for?

Scholarships and events is the best way to start, however we can support any project including bigger ones like the constructions and renovations of buildings.

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How much does Stellup cost for an institution?

It depends on the institution’s size, product customization and level of account management, please fill in this doc here or email us at

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How does Stellup make money?

Stellup charges a monthly SaaS fee plus a commission on funds raised. If interested in knowing more about Stellup and its pricing structure, please email us at

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What is Stellup?

Stellup is a social fundraising and alumni engagement platform for educational institutions. We work directly with educational institutions that want to raise more funds online and/or better engage with their network.

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Who can use Stellup?

Stellup is open to everyone, however we work only with selected educational institutions. This means that only selected institutions can raise funds and have a club for alumni networking, however any user can browse institutions, find campaigns, donate and register as a Stellup user.

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How can I join my school (i.e. club)?

Firstly you need to create an account (with your Facebook or email account). After that, you can join available clubs (if open) or request access if the club is just for people with an affiliation with the school.

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What if I don’t see my school on Stellup?

You can either contact us at Stellup directly via or directly put us in touch with your school’s alumni or development officers so that we can help them join.

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How can I create an account on Stellup as a user?

You can create an account with your Facebook or email account.

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